Scott Vinson

Northbrook, IL

As one of the most experienced leaders in medical equipment planning, Scott brings together the trends in patient care and project delivery to keep Mitchell at the forefront of the industry.  Through continual client feedback and post-occupancy reviews, Scott establishes internal goals for raising the quality and innovations Mitchell offers, including Mitchell’s proprietary database systems, Revit/BIM, Mitchell’s on-line bidding system and other innovations in project delivery. Scott consults with clients on capital equipment strategies that incorporate the development of multi-year capital budgets to acquire, upgrade and replace new technologies. Scott has facilitated national conference panels focused on the future of medical equipment and assists clients and project managers with order of magnitude equipment estimates and strategies for major equipment activities.

Scott’s leadership of the company has established Mitchell’s reputation as a fair, open and objective firm that vendors and clients can rely on. Scott’s depth of knowledge in imaging technologies began when he started his career as a sales executive with a major medical imaging manufacturer.  Today, as Mitchell’s President, Scott has led the evaluation of numerous product lines and negotiated some of the largest imaging deals in the country on behalf of Mitchell’s clients.