University of Colorado

AIP II Tower Expansion
Denver, Colorado

The project is a 410,000 square foot tower addition to an existing medical center housing ED, Critical Care, OR, Med/Surg, Dialysis, Cardio Pulmonary, Interventional and Non-Interventional CV, Rehab, shelled Med/Surg and Critical Care units as well as various clinical and operational support services.

In addition to the new construction, the project will provide 249,500 sq. ft. of shelled space and 53,850 s. ft. of renovated space. It also includes the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute.
Mitchell is providing comprehensive medical equipment consulting services to include planning, procurement and installation management.

Project Size: 
410,000 square feet
Project Cost: 
$260 million
Equipment Budget: 
$45 Million
Mitchell Services: 
Planning / Procurement / Installation
Design 2012 / Completion 2015
Project Team: 
HDR Architecture / Project One / Haselden Const.
Project Type: 
Academic Medical Center