M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Pavilion Project

The Pavilion Project will provide a new, enlarged operating and interventional platform for surgeons, endovascular surgeons and interventional radiologists to perform procedures. This nine level facility, includes a basement expansion of CS/Materials, a new two story main entrance, lobby, and patient drop off area and two interventional platform floors. The third floor includes six interventional imaging suites and a hybrid OR. The fifth floor includes six new operating rooms, with an intra-operative CT, blood bank, OR pharmacy and PACU, Prep/Recovery beds. 

Project Type: 
Academic Medical Center
Cancer Center
Mitchell Services: 
Planning / Procurement / Installation
Project Team: 
HKS / McCarthy / CCRD / Sparling / SMW

Work in Progress

Hybrid Rooms – the “Interventional Platform” flexible for any combination of subspecialties to bring image guidance to enable new procedures and interventions. It’s exciting to be working with many leaders such as:

Table Selection

It’s been interesting through the detailed planning of a variety of hybrid rooms that the table has become somewhat of a compromise. Once the focus shifts from determining what imaging modality – fluoroscopy, CT, MR, etc. and determining level of surgical intervention for lights and booms, the table becomes the next level of focus. Sometimes the table decision can get dismissed as a “given” to come with the imaging system.

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