Patient Lifts

Thursday, August 1, 2013
Jessica Pitt

The number of projects with patient lifts continues to grow for new towers, renovations and expansions.  Hospitals are making changes today, including renovating patient units to add lifts to a percentage or all rooms depending on acuity.  Whether planning for bariatrics or ICU patients, no lift policies are in place for the safety for staff and patients.  Many leading lift manufacturers offer good solutions for fixed and mobile lift systems at competitive prices.
This decision touches many facets of healthcare construction and operations and successful programs include constituents from a range of areas including quality, training, nursing, infection control, and facilities among others.  Highlights to consider include:

Operational Considerations

  • Patient Safety
  • Training
  • No lift policies, methods for fixed and portable
  • Costs for installation, lifts, and slings
  • Approve and implement standards

Facility Considerations

  • Contractor or Vendor Installed
  • Lifts in all rooms, or % of rooms
  • Product track design coordination

Product Considerations

  • Specify wt limit - bariatric (Operational assumptions of patient types)
  • Number of tracks / motors (Facility Implication)
  • Specify Sling Types – Disposable or Cleanable (Policy/Training)

Evaluation Methods

  • Interviews, Site visits
  • Requests for Proposals
  • Mockups & Samples