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Mitchell is the nation’s leading, independent, and unbiased medical equipment consulting company.

Medical equipment is one of the highest costs in healthcare today. Equipment intensive spaces such as Lab, Pharmacy, Emergency, Surgery, Imaging and Intensive Care can have equipment costs that exceed the cost of construction.
Mitchell is at the forefront of the medical device industry with insight into the newest devices emerging on the market today. As advisors to hospitals across the world, Mitchell has a daily pulse of manufacturer costs, product feedback, and vendor installation performance.

Equipment planners interface with a wide variety of project team members including clinical and support services user groups, project managers, design teams, vendors, biomed, supply chain professionals and others involved in a major construction project. Our role is to give each constituent the information they need to make informed, timely decisions and coordinate equipment requirements with the design team.

Our proactive, hands-on approach to equipment planning, procurement and installation is the difference that keeps Mitchell as a leader in the field.

With Mitchell, you get Knowledge in Action.