Our History

Mitchell was founded on April 1, 1977, by Tom Mitchell. Prior to forming his own company, Tom had extensive experience and considerable success in the healthcare planning industry. As President of American Health Facilities, a division of American Hospital Supply, his vision and leadership in the planning and implementation of medical equipment and furnishings for healthcare facilities worldwide provided for considerable growth and profitability for American Health Facilities.

In 1976, American Hospital Supply made a strategic modification to its business plan. They decided to focus the corporation’s resources on the manufacturing and distribution of healthcare supplies and to divest the services related businesses of the corporation, including American Health Facilities. Mr. Mitchell realized this move left a void in the industry. As a result, Tom founded Health Care Planning, Inc. The core business of this company was equipment and technology planning for healthcare facilities implementing new construction and renovation programs.

After careful market analysis, the company changed its name to Mitchell in 1982. The company made key acquisitions including:

  • Health Facilities Planners, CA in 1982
  • The Planning Center, Inc. IL in 1987

The success of Mitchell’s planning services also created an opportunity to expand the company’s portfolio to include implementation services for its customers. As a result, the company developed divisions to include procurement, installation and relocation services.

In 1993, Mitchell expanded traditional project-related services to address the on-going planning and procurement of annual capital for existing and new clients.

In 2001, Scott Vinson joined Mitchell as President. Prior to Mitchell, Scott worked in the medical equipment and imaging manufacturing industry in medical equipment sales and project management. Scott has continued to add key staff members to Mitchell to enhance the company’s ability to deliver the very best in medical equipment planning and procurement consulting services. Tom Mitchell remained engaged in firm management and leadership until he passed away in April of 2003.

Mitchell’s continuation of excellent growth and success is based on two strong principles:

  • A commitment to provide high quality services and value to our customers
  • A commitment to provide a stable and personally enriching work environment for Mitchell associates

Today, Mitchell is one of the largest medical equipment planning and procurement companies in the healthcare industry. The diverse and comprehensive portfolio of services Mitchell offers continues to provide long-term value to the company and our customers. Mitchell has planned and implemented some of the largest healthcare projects in the world. It is this experience that allows Mitchell to be well-positioned to take advantage of the changing healthcare market and demographic trends.