Lisa Charrin

Vice President
Houston, TX

As one of the nation’s most recognized industry experts on the future of medical technology, Lisa presents regularly at national healthcare design conferences and has published several articles and white papers on the subject of planning for trends in surgery and imaging.  Lisa has completed well over 9 million square feet of innovative, efficient and transformative landmark projects at academic medical centers, pediatric hospitals, and quaternary / tertiary care centers across the US and abroad.

With a depth of experience in hybrid rooms, Lisa helps clients plan for future flexibility and negotiate procurement timelines that are respectful of design and construction needs while also leveraging optimal timing for final clinical selections.

Lisa has served as a grant reviewer for the National Institute of Health (NIH) providing expertise on the subject of reviewing laboratory equipment requests. Lisa has volunteered time and served in leadership and advisory capacities for Family Centered Care, Palliative Care, Patient Safety and Bioethics.