Equipment Master Planning

Ensuring your facility has the right equipment to accurately diagnose your patients is critical as the healthcare industry transforms from volume driven (quantitative) to value driven (qualitative).  The goal of the Equipment Master Plan is to provide an objective, integrated multi-year capital forecast of equipment costs.  The forecast integrates annual capital funding for equipment upgrades and replacements and project funded equipment for expansion and renovations, and any other funding sources identified for master planning such as philanthropic donations or grants.

As part of the Equipment Master Planning services, Mitchell will review standards, existing inventory, and confirm strategic direction for the healthcare system.  A multi-facility plan can track scenarios such as the transfer of equipment from a regional care center to an ambulatory setting, extending the useful life of the equipment and making way for the newest technology to go to the highest acuity patients.

Existing Equipment Surveys

Factors such as useful life, expected life, equipment utilization, number and frequency of failures, equipment related incidents and recalls are taken into consideration to determine when equipment should be replaced.

Mitchell conducts surveys of existing areas, and obtains feedback from user group representatives and clinical engineers on equipment use and reliability.  The equipment analysis report documents quantities, models and reuse conditions. 

The resulting report will serve as an objective starting point for your hospital’s replacement and reuse decisions. 

Equipment Standards

Quality is at the foreground in today’s healthcare environments.  LEAN training supports the creation of highly efficient and standardized work environments.  Equipment standards across a hospital or health care system are in a constant state of renewal, as manufacturers introduce new models and retire others, or as new models of care are considered such as:

  • How will equipment support bedside medication administration?
  • What are the pros and cons of automated supply management and bin systems
  • Is our equipment capable of integrating with the EMR?

Mitchell advises clients on reuse assessment, capital equipment planning, facility expansion and renovation projects.